Foreland Evolution of the NW Argentine Andes

Coupled evolution of climate and tectonics in the Salta foreland of northwest Argentina (25˚S)

This aspect of my research relates back to my time as field geologist in the 2007 and 2008 field seasons. In a one-man campaign I surveyed the heavily vegetated eastern sector of the Andean foreland in northwest Argentina (Salta province). The detailed study of tectonostratigraphic relationships of Neogene deposits, their sedimentological characteristics and provenance revealed how the irregular growth of the Andean mountain front progressively compartmentalized the foreland, created basin-to-basin precipitation gradients and thereby efficiently trapped sediment within the orogen, instead of sediment export to the unrestricted foreland. Moreover, I got to name a new stratigraphic unit, the Quaternary La Troja formation — how cool is that!

  • Hain, M.P., Strecker, M.R., Bookhagen B., Alonso, R.N., Pingel, H., Schmitt, A.K. (2011) Neogene to Quaternary broken-foreland formation and sedimentation dynamics in the Andes of NW Argentina (25˚S), Tectonics, 30, TC2006, doi:10.1029/2010TC002703 --- among Tectonics “most popular” March and April 2011.
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  • Hain, M.P. (2008) Neogene foreland evolution of the southern central Andes and its relationship to ancient strain history and varying climates - an integrated approach, University of Potsdam Library, Dipl. geol. thesis

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